Our market is fragmented, and as there are no independent studies of which we currently are aware of, the following is based on our own analysis of the market

Multinational software companies such as Autodesk and SAP AG emerged in the 1990s as a result of consolidation within the previously fragmented CAD and ERP markets.

So far no global supplier has taken a leading role for planning and control of construction and infrastructure project management software (TPS Category) in which we operate. Large CAD and ERP companies are increasingly attempting to develop software solutions that may address the needs of our customers. A similar consolidation process may take place in our segment which, we believe, will lead to the appearance of global players.

Software solution suppliers for the various design and construction phases of construction and infrastructure projects can broadly be divided into three functional groups that correspond with the three categories of construction-oriented software (CAD, ERP and TPS):

CAD - providers of software for design, engineering and initial planning phase

TPS category

ERP segment