Experiences of employees

Experiences of employees

A Field of Work with Exciting Prospects

Construction software firms offer architects, engineers, mathematicians and IT scientists as well as lateral entry career changers a lucrative work environment. As the entire construction industry is currently undergoing a radical change, state-of-the-art construction software products are being launched all the time. That makes the jobs exciting. 

Here are a few first-hand impressions and experiences of employees of the RIB Group:

Mamadou Ly (Engineer, International Development and Expansion)

Jürgen Ament (Architect, Product Management)

Eckhard Held (Construction Engineer, Software Development)

Anup K. Deb (PGDBA - Director Sales)

Gun Jiang (Software Engineer, Software Development)

Iain Cameron (Civil Engineer, Senior Consultant)

Dylan Hirsch (Mechanical Engineer, Senior Consultant)

Images: A.Goebel