Terms of use for RIB logo

The RIB Logo is exclusive property of RIB. Permission is granted to news agencies and journalists to use it for editorial and news purposes about the RIB Group, subject to the further restrictions set forth herein.

No other use beyond these restrictions is permitted without a prior written approval of RIB Software AG.

  • RIB Logo may be used exclusively for editorial purposes or publications about the RIB Group any usage for commercial purposes (e.g. CD-ROMs, poster, illustrations, etc.) is prohibited or needs written approval of RIB Software AG.
  • The Logo may not be transferred, copied or used except for editorial purposes or electronic news programs about the RIB Group. It is not permitted to pass the Logo to any third parties in printed or electronic version.
  • In any permitted cases, we do not accept any alteration to be made to RIB Logo (e.g. deleting of words and graphics) which also affects changes regarding the form.  The Logo may not be animated or changed in perspective or look. Please do not deform nor overwrite the logo. Furthermore, it is not permitted to cover it in parts with other elements.