Corporate Governance

RIB Software SE has a monistic management structure. The corporate bodies of RIB Soft-ware SE are the Administrative Board (administrative body) and the General Meeting. In addition, RIB Software SE has Managing Directors who manage the company's business.

The Administrative Board has eight members who are all elected by the General Meeting without being bound to election proposals. It manages the company, determines the guiding principles of its activities and controls their implementation.

The Administrative Board shall appoint one or more Managing Directors. Members of the Administrative Board can be appointed Managing Directors provided the majority of the Administrative Board still consists of members who are not Managing Directors. They manage the business of the company in accordance with applicable law, the articles of association, the Rules of Procedure for Managing Directors and the instructions of the Administrative Board.

The General Meeting is the body of the SE in which the shareholders exercise their rights.

Corporate Governance bodies of RIB Software SE