RIB iTWO the next step of BIM

With the evolution of BIM and partial integration of some construction processes within a single software solution, construction industry participants have come to realise the potential impact that better integrated software solutions for construction processes could have on their businesses. Leading construction companies have sought a greater level of integration of construction processes software allowing the construction process to be simulated prior to commencing work on the project to better understand the factors affecting timing and costs; this simulation is often referred to as digital construction. A similar approach has been deployed by the manufacturing industry for production of complex products, a process known collectively as the digital factory which has resulted in significantly higher productivity and lower costs.

Our new software solution, RIB iTWO, extends the BIM approach into the execution phase of the construction process, in what we call BIM Digital Construction.We believe that BIM Digital Construction extends the advantages of the BIM approach to a wider range of construction-related activities. Unlike traditional CAD-based BIM systems, the main applications of RIB iTWO do not relate directly to the design and planning phase of the construction project. Instead, RIB iTWO automatically generates an integrated, graphical own-object model from different 3D CAD data sourcesthus creating an internal BIM. RIB iTWO uses the BIM approach for virtual planning and control of projects and the simulation of production processes. RIB iTWO enables better performance of estimation, tendering, subcontractor management, cost controlling and invoicing processes. The BIM model furnished by RIB iTWO can be improved with historical cost and price data or other internal data available, accelerating the performance and quality of estimating processes. RIB iTWO consists of open interfaces built on the XML technology supporting ifcXML as well, thus permitting integration with any CAD-based BIM and ERP systems for further financial processing. Thus RIB iTWO bridges CAD systems and ERP systems.

The adoption of a BIM approach to manage the execution of construction projects enabled by RIB iTWO results in improved accuracy, more efficient use of resources, cost control and tighter, better-managed projects. It also helps to increase transparency within individual projects and across multiple projects, improves integration across the IT solution landscape, and connects the design process with the complete project lifecycle, supporting efficient company-wide resource management and thus implementing BIM in the execution of construction projects.