RIB iTWO business suite

The conceptual design of the new software solution RIB iTWO business suite was initiated in 2005 because we believed that, similar to the planning and production methods of other industries such as the automotive industry, virtual planning, production and operation could have a significant influence on the global construction market.

We believe that the key innovation in the construction industry has been product development using virtual computer models, and we expect that this approach will gain wide acceptance in the coming years.

In October 2009, we completed the development of RIB iTWO business suite – designed to offer new product development based on virtual computer models in the construction sector – supporting most of the material construction processes from the early planning stages through to completion.

  • “Digital factory” a reality in the construction industry
    RIB iTWO implements the procedures and processes that have been successfully applied in the automotive industry for many years – the “digital factory” – and have led to significant increases in productivity, with significant benefits in terms of scheduling of tasks and the associated delivery of materials. Through RIB iTWO and its BIM Digital Construction capability, we intend to make the “digital factory” a reality in the construction industry, with the associated benefits of efficiency and lower costs.

  • Simulation of the production processes of the parties involved in construction
    RIB iTWO is based on an innovative, integrated building model, combined with a new-style graphic interface. The software solution allows participants in the project planning and execution of construction, plant engineering and infrastructure projects to undertake visually supported, integrated, joint process management across the most important project phases on the basis of virtual building models. The software solution makes it possible to carry out integrated simulation of the production processes of the parties involved in construction, not only in all the planning phases but also in the execution phases of construction, plant engineering and infrastructure projects.

  • RIB iTWO is linked to a 2D or 3D geometric model of a structure by open interfaces to CAD systems such as Autodesk’s Revit.
    Unlike traditional CAD systems, the software’s main applications are not concentrated on the design, but rather on the virtual planning and control of projects and the simulation of production and maintenance processes through model-based technology.

  • RIB iTWO may also be linked to an ERP system,
    providing data for further processing, planning and control. This integration and interoperability permit rapid and error-free data sharing among all necessary parties, combined with robust security measures.

  • The technology behind RIB iTWO business suite is based upon a service-oriented software architecture,
    which enables complex business processes to be organised project-wide, based on project workflows. Customers can access the service via browser, desktop and PDA. Design and planning software, as well as ERP and other software, may be used in conjunction with RIB iTWO (sometimes after minor modifications), permitting the continued use of legacy IT systems and environment and also offering construction industry participants inward felxibility. Technologically, the product is based in part on the latest Microsoft .NET. As we are one of Microsoft’s ‘‘Gold Certified Partners”, Microsoft performed a “Proof of Concept” for RIB iTWO and the basic technology of RIB iTWO was developed in cooperation with Microsoft personnel.

We expect that RIB iTWO business suite, the replacement product for ARRIBA /RIB C-Suite , will account for a greater proportion of our revenue in the near future. In 2009, the revenue generated by RIB iTWO business suite was nominal as it was launched only in October 2009. In the nine months ended 30 September 2010, RIB iTWO business suite generated 24.4% of our revenue.

Recent and future launches/ localisations of RIB iTWO

Recent launches of iTWO

German version in October 2009

English version in April 2010

Chinese version in July 2010
(simplified characters)

iTWO Testimonials

Even though RIB iTWO business suite has only been on the market since October 2009, some of Germany’s leading construction companies, such as STRABAG and Max Bögl, have acquired it and started to use it in their operations.


...so transparent...

...saves about 50% of my time...

...save 20 to 25 percent of planning and engineering costs using the model-based method...

...end-to-end sustained support of our processes...

...links up all construction and business processes...

...give us substantially greater flexibility...

...cut costs by 30%...

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