Our Products

We develop and sell software solutions for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and plants, using an approach that covers the entire project cycle. Our modular software components cover all key processes of a construction project, combining, if required, the construction and project phases in a transparent and effective way. We provide post-sale servicing packages for the products we sell. In addition, we advise our customers on planning for our software and, if required, on its implementation.

We also advise on the development of customised applications, providing training as well as ongoing support and maintenance of the software.


The most important part of our product portfolio consists of integrated technical project management solutions, allowing end-to-end process management for the design, construction and maintenance of plants and buildings and general infrastructure.

Our software is designed to enhance the efficiency of project execution, accelerate planning, reduce risks of cost overruns and delays and improve costefficiency and quality of construction.

Other software products

  • iTWO Finance
    This solution supports administrative and commercial processes in construction companies, including human resources and accounting, investment accounting, management of guarantees and business partners, purchasing and logistics.
  • iTWO e-Vergabe public
    This solution provides an internet platform for tendering for and closing contracts for building and delivery services based on internet ASP services. It enables contracts to be bid on, evaluated, awarded and documented. The platform helps to ensure that tendering and awarding public contracts proceed in compliance with applicable legal requirements (in this case German and European Union legislation).
    This solution represents a software suite for structural engineering. It is used by our customers for structural analyses of building components. It allows finite element calculations for the construction of buildings and bridges as well as foundation engineering.
  • iTWO civil
    This solution represents a model based software system for road construction, civil engineering and infrastructure. The software supports design, construction, billing of construction work and inventory management throughout all phases of projects in road construction, civil engineering, surveying and land survey registering.
    This software represents a specialised 3D CAD programme used by a limited number of German architects and engineers for the design of buildings. It automatically generates 3D volume models, including views, cross sections and perspective representations. Floor plans, views, cross sections and isometric projections are actively interlinked from the draft to the detail design.