Consulting & Services

RIB's extensive service portfolio is rounded off by professional services, support and training - either at our RIB offices or on site, RIB's experienced team of consultants, product managers, trainers and technology partners provide our customers with the necessary support during the project life cycle.


We perform training and services to support our clients in customising and implementing our software solutions. These include consulting services and roll-out support, project management by our employees during the planning and execution phase, installation verification, functional testing and IT consulting. Our employees analyse our customers needs, their organisational structures and their technological environment.

The consulting services which we offer include standard training seminars, individual training, software installation and other consulting, such as project leadership within an initiation or development project, IT consulting, including system integration and interface programming, and advice on software selection and technical assistance with software installation.


Our post-sale service packages include regular software updates and ongoing customer support for any application problems. The fee for a maintenance services agreement is a percentage of the list price of the initial software license, per year, depending on the product line and type of contract.

Historically, the majority of all our customers and 98 of our top 100 customers chose to enter into maintenance services agreements with us in connection with their purchase of a license.