Business Strategy of the RIB Group

We seek to achieve global market leadership in the construction software sector through RIB iTWO business suite, while maintaining what we believe is our market leading position in Germany. We plan to achieve these goals by pursuing the following:

We will be addressing market opportunities in an industry construction software that continues to be fragmented and relatively underdeveloped, but one that we believe, by benefiting from both the expected growth in construction on a global scale and the growth in global software services, has the potential to enjoy significant growth.

The growth in construction on a global scale (construction expenditures globally estimated to have been $7.5 trillion in 2009 (Global Construction 2020)) is expected to both follow expected growth in gross domestic product (GDP), driven in part by increases in the worlds population and in larger part by increases in standards of living, most significantly in emerging markets, and represent an increasing proportion of world GDP.

Based on the expected trends, China and India alone are projected to become increasingly important markets in the coming years with growing shares of construction output outpacing the developed markets. In parallel, based on projected growth of investment in information technology globally and the proportion of that sector represented by software, software and related services are expected to grow significantly on a global basis, and again in particular in emerging markets.

In light of these projected trends, we believe we will be well-positioned, by implementing the following strategic steps, to address on a global scale a potential market that serves significantly growing demand for construction and benefits from significant increases in information technology expenditures.

Migrating existing customers to RIB iTWO business suite

Capitalising on our proven track record in GER in pursuing our global expansion

Undertaking strategic acquisitions

Continuing with the innovation and development of new products