Business in Brief

We develop and sell integrated project management software solutions for the construction industry. Our focus is on software solutions that span the entire value chain of construction and infrastructure projects, including project conception, planning, budgeting and tender processing, estimations, procurement, coordination, control and maintenance.

In addition, we offer our customers post-sale service and consulting, advise customers on software use, implementation and deployment and develop customer-specific applications and customisation of software solutions.

Historically, our products have evolved from construction software to a technical ERP business suite for the construction market and then to a fully integrated suite software for planning and construction. Over the next few years, we will seek to become the leading provider of digital software processes to the construction industry on a global basis.

  • Recent launches of RIB iTWO business suite:
    - German version in October 2009
    - English version in April 2010
    - Chinese version (simplified characters) in July 2010
  • Well-established market position and a reputation for innovation and excellence
    Historically, we have focused on the German market and, as a result, now have a well-established market position and a reputation for innovation and excellence in Germany. The ten leading German construction groups, the majority of German state building and road construction authorities and numerous architecture and engineering firms in Germany use our products.
  • Since 2005, we have decentralised our research and development activities.
    In Germany, our employees draw up the specifications defining each of the project steps and tasks, followed by software design. The software development is then mostly undertaken in China.
  • Sales & Distribution
    We market and sell our products in Germany and our subsidiaries outside Germany, which we have established in Australia, the People's Republic of China, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Strategy of Growth
    We believe that international expansion offers the best opportunity for growth, and we are focusing, in particular, on markets in China, India, Malaysia and the Middle East.We will seek to capitalise on growth opportunities through alliances with key strategic erp partners and leading CAD providers, such as Autodesk, and by acquiring customers through acquisitions of other market participants.